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Conditioning Under COVID

Tennis, literally just walking


...to the third and final week of Conditioning Under COVID! Good news (or slightly worrying news depending on how you view it) is that my gym is finally open! The thought of being stuck indoors with a bunch of out-of-breath people does still sketch me out, but I've been going at one or two o'clock in the morning and surprise surprise, there's no people!

Despite this, I have found two occasions to remain active out of the gym...so let's get on with the week!

Workout: More tennis
Weight tracker: 156.0lbs
Mood: Dehydrated and exhausted

I ended up hitting with one of the best players on my old high school tennis team. Big mistake to schedule it at 4pm. It was 95 degrees outside and this guy arrived 45 minutes before I did to do a workout and practice serves and still ran circles around me. What an animal. I left that practice drained, three water bottles lighter, and utterly grateful for the existence of AC. I didn't even get a runner's high. Sad.

Workout: Canvassing
Weight tracker: 155.0lbs
Mood: Feeling motivated
Canvass pic

What a great day to go canvassing! I've been volunteering for a woman running for MA state representative named Ceylan Rowe for a few months now. We've been doing weekly no-contact literature drops at people's doors. I've been noticing a welcome change lately where more and more people are actually out on the streets where you can actually have a live conversation with them. Back when we were more strict about staying at home, my efforts felt useless. I mean, who actually reads the flyers that we placed at people's houses? Today I got to actually have a conversation with at least 20% of the houses I was assigned to and none of them yelled at me! People were actually nice today! Woohoo!


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Andy Zhao