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Conditioning Under COVID

Misc. Supplements


...to another supplemental edition of Conditioning Under COVID. As the last supplemental edition, we're going to go through the rest of my supplement stack. I know from the newsletters it may seem like I survive solely off my various supplements, but I swear I eat real food too.

You probably need to get back to your Netflix show...so let's get on with the week!


Name: Benefiber Fiber Supplement
Price: $32.99/190 serving jar
Necessity rating: 8/10

"Eat your vegetables" was a commonly thrown around phrase by my parents during my childhood. They justified this *ridiculous* demand by telling me to eat them for good bowel movements. And they were right. Dietary fiber are the parts of plants that your body can't digest or absorb. Instead, it passes right through your body.

Among other benefits, a high fiber diet:

I am not proud to say that my diet is pretty poor. I don't eat too many vegetables nor whole-grain products - two great natural sources of fiber - so I choose to supplement my diet by adding a tablespoon of fiber to my protein shake every night. I gave it a necessity rating of 8/10 because it's cheap and most people's diets aren't great, so why not?


Name: Name: Nature's Way Alive! Max3 Daily Adult Multivitamin
Price: $27.47/180 tablets
Necessity rating: 6/10

Multivitamins are a hotly debated product in the scientific community. Many multivitamin labels make outlandish claims about immune, neurological, cardiovascular, and skeletal health effects but to date there hasn't been a large reputable study showing any clear health benefits of multivitamins for the average person. This is why I gave it a necessity rating of 6/10. I personally take it because, again, my diet is trash. My thinking is that I might as well play it safe, right? It does make me *feel* healthier if that counts for anything.

Until next week,

Andy Zhao