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Conditioning Under COVID

Home workout, no equipment, back/bicips/abs


...to week 2 of Conditioning Under COVID! Due to a special request by a particularly enthusiastic subscriber, this week I decided to share a short workout that primarily targets your back, bicep, and abdominal muscles using no special equipment and can be done in under 45 minutes.

Without further ado...let's get on with the week!

Workout: Back/bi
Weight tracker: 155.51lbs
Mood: Throat feels a little funny today...uh oh...

What is it?

The first exercise I did was inverted bodyweight rows. All you will need is a secure handhold that supports your body weight. This can be in the form of a pull-up bar, table, chair, low tree branch...the sky's the limit! I used the handles on my treadmill. Do five sets of ten to twenty repetitions. It should look something like this:

Inverted row extended Inverted row contracted

The second exercise is concentration curls and will require dumbbells. If you don't have them at home, any macgyvered form of a dumbbell works too. I love love LOVE to use a 24 pack of water bottles because it comes with a built-in method of adjusting the weight! Do three sets of twelve repetitions.

Concentration curl extended Concentration curl contracted

Next are rows using the same dumbbells. Do three sets of twelve repetitions. I couldn't fit two pictures in this email so just imagine me lowering it back to the ground.

Finish it off by blasting your abs! Instead of counting repetitions, we're going for duration instead. Each set will involve a rotation of flutter kicks, russian twists, and lying leg raises for 30 seconds each exercise. Do three sets. This is hard to show through images, so watch this cute video of me doing it instead.

Why this is great:

The goal with this workout was to target your back, abs, and biceps. Inverted bodyweight rows are a great compound exercise that work many of these muscles including your lats, traps, delts, biceps, forearms, and abs in one fell swoop. One of my favorite bodyweight exercises right here.

The reason why I prefer concentration curls over regular bicep curls is that it's harder to cheat. If you see people at the gym doing bicep curls by swinging the dumbbells around wildly like a pendulum, you know what I mean. Bracing your arm against your leg prevents you from cheating that way.

Dumbbell rows target your back muscles really well. 'Nuff said.

Abs are abs. Variety is fun. Not much explaining here either.

It's not a super comprehensive workout by any means, but hey you wanted an "low effort" workout so here you go. 45 minutes in and out. Very doable. Don't feel guilty about giving yourself a break either. I'd much rather you get all the sets done at the correct amount of repetitions with longer breaks than shorter breaks and failing to hit all the reps and you feeling so miserable afterwards you never want to exercise ever again. Take upwards of 5 minutes if you need to. Science says you can.


I'd love to hear from you!

Until next week,

Andy Zhao